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Leonard Tan

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PurpleClick Media Pte Ltd



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What does your business do?

Being the first and only company in South East Asia accredited by both Yahoo! and Google, PurpleClick Media specialises in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - a cost-effective and performance-based online advertising channel that strategically converts online searches into qualified business leads on a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) model. Combined with complementary tools like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Online Display Advertising, Web Analytics, and Email marketing, PurpleClick as the acclaimed industry leader, offers customised and results-oriented online marketing solutions to enterprises of various size and business nature. PurpleClick, underlined by its unrivalled market expertise and quality services, has successfully executed over 4,000 campaigns regionally.

How long have you been trading?

Since 2006

What was the biggest mistake you made with your business?

We used to place a lot of focus on employing people with high academic qualifications and job experience. However, on many occasions, this resulted in the company and the employees having mismatched expectations. In the end, the employees suffered from low job satisfaction and we faced disappointments too.

Our strategic direction towards recruitment has since changed to place the emphasis on the candidate's character and attitude profiling. We place a lot of weight now on the interviewee's willingness to take initiative and their entrepreneurial spirit.

What did you learn from this mistake?

Academic qualifications and job experience became secondary criteria in our selection process. For every interviewee, we now go through psychometric profile tests and scenario-based questions to find the best fit between the potential employee and PurpleClick.

Once we implemented this change, we could see much better employment results. Although the employees now face a steeper learning curve than their predecessors, their undying attitude and eagerness to learn enables them to progress much faster. These new recruits have quickly become highly valued employees and I am really grateful for their contributions towards the continued success of PurpleClick.

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is about having a positive mindset. Don't focus on problems, focus on solutions!

What did Shell LiveWIRE do to help you?

Winning the Shell LiveWIRE Singapore award meant that our existing customers had more confidence in us and it became easier for us build long term customer relationship with them. Also, the publicity we received meant that prospective customers were more willing to do business with us.

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