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PNE Group: Experts in Enterprise
With over 30 years of experience, PNE has built an international reputation for excellence, supporting business and enterprise development in over 40 countries, offering complete solutions that turn goals into reality. We support people and organisations to create positive economic and social value through enterprise. 

PNE specialises in:

The PNE team are social entrepreneurs with a mix of specialist expertise, focused around assessment, fund management and enterprise development including: ICT experts, strategic planners, trainers and coaches, fund managers, project delivery experts, media professionals and bankers.

This wide range of expertise enables PNE to provide end-to-end solutions to a range of enterprise and social investment activity. We use our skills, experience and capacity to help our clients create social and economic change.

PNE Group is a non-profit-distributing business whose focus is straightforward: our job is to help people and businesses grow and succeed. 




RBS Inspiring Women in Enterprise grant funding

RBS Inspiring Enterprise has announced the winners of the latest round of Women in Enterprise grant funding. 175 organisations submitted applications for funding to run programmes for women in enterprise, from which eight winners have been selected across the UK.

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Checkout @innovate_uk for news of innovation and SME funding available and Connected Cities contest