Business Planning

We are experts in business planning, supporting over 10,000 people to start their own businesses, with a portfolio of business consultancy work spanning a diverse range of industries and company structures.

We share this expertise with our clients, supporting individuals clients and companies to improve their business model or assisting the development of businesses in partnership with client’s social investment or enterprise projects. Business planning services include:

    • Supporting individuals to create a thorough business plan
    • Support in cultivating an infrastructure on which a business model will rest
    • Provide consultancy on how best to strengthen your business and promote long-term sustainability
    • Advise how enterprise development can be effectively integrated into an existing business model or provide specific business solutions


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, start-up or fledgling business our PNE Enterprise team offers a range of business planning support, incorporating confidential advice, workshops, courses, mentoring and resources, with most services free at the point of access.

Spotlight on DTW Tempest

We worked with Cambodian de-mining charity, DTW, for the Department for International Development (DfID), providing constructive consultancy in business planning to assist their development into a self-supporting organisation.

We worked with the charity, meeting with their local clients and finance providers, to develop a robust business plan that would enable them to create a sustainable venture that would survive after the engineers moved on. One example of this was cultivating a supply chain for replaceable parts within the local area.

To learn more about our work with DTW read our case study.


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