Social Investment Awards

NBSA Award Winners

Running a social investment or enterprise development award programme offers businesses a cost-effective way to engage with specific communities, raise their profile, and cultivate access to a wide range of sustainability, socio-economic, skills-gap and technology solutions.

Awards are an impactful way of encouraging people and communities to turn ideas into businesses, and can be designed to support local content requirements such as regional economic and infrastructure development, supply-chain growth and sector technologies (e.g. low carbon, access to energy, financial literacy and access to finance).

PNE Group offer project management and administration of enterprise development awards for clients, delivering these both as part of wider programmes and standalone initiatives. Our specialist teams have both the experience and tools for large scale delivery and expert consultation on how to create an awards programme that delivers the right results for your business.

In the past PNE Group have supported the delivery of awards to meet a diverse range of local content and social investment requirements including:

The services PNE Group offer include the design of the awards programme, ensuring eligibility compliance, application guidance and promotion, supplying and managing online application and assessment portals, fund assessment and administration, engaging and supporting judges, applicant feedback, and ongoing monitoring of the successful applicants.