Many of us aspire to use our resources to make a positive impact on the world around us and enterprise support is an incredible way to positively contribute to sustainable social and economic change. Promoting enterprise promotes the welfare of individuals, causes and communities.

In the past we have worked with notable philanthropists, both privately and through their businesses, targeting very specific social problems or creating ways of fulfilling a broader ambition of giving something back.

One challenge of giving is ensuring their contributions promote real, effective, demonstrable change. Our proven track record of excellence is paired with clear methodologies to meet targets of measurable impact, providing an antidote to those concerns. Our projects are managed in line with the SMART project management structure, keeping our work specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.


Case Study: The Tempest

We worked with a group of British engineers who had established a small charity focused around a radio-controlled vehicle – The Tempest – which could be used on minefields to detonate unexplored devices. The engineers trained technicians, many who were amputees injured by mines to build and repair The Tempest and a supply chain for all replaceable parts was sourced within the local area. We worked with the charity, meeting with their local clients and finance providers, to develop a robust business plan that would enable them to create a sustainable business which would survive after the engineers moved on, ensuring the continued impact of the initial investment.

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