Management and Leadership Qualifications

Our qualifications, accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), offer expert personal development and training suitable for ambitious professionals. The range of qualifications we offer means that there is something suitable for individuals working at all levels, whether you’re an aspiring manager or practising chief executive. 


Principles of Management and Leadership

Developed for supervisors and first-line managers who have operational responsibility for a defined area of activity, our Level 3 qualification gives junior managers the communication and motivational skills to help improve operational efficiency.

Management and Leadership

Whether you want to hone your middle management skills, endorse your position or prepare for a move to the top, our Level 4 to Level 6 Management and Leadership qualifications can support you as you take your next step in your career.


Strategic Management and Leadership

Our Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership qualifications are designed to provide extensive insight into senior management roles and to develop skills that will support your success in senior management.


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