Corporate Identity

Our brand identity is the way we express who we are and what we do. All branding must be used in compliance with our Corporate Identity Guidelines as outlined below.

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The PNE Group Corporate Identity Guidelines and Principles

The PNE Group corporate identity guidelines and principles for its use in all PNE Group marketing and communications are as follows:

  • The PNE Group Logo

The PNE Group logo consists of two parts: 1. PNE Mark 2. PNE Namestyle

To represent the different solutions and services offered by the PNE Group, a number of permitted namestyles have been created to accompany the PNE mark. These are as follows:

  • PNE Group
  • PNE Development
  • PNE Enterprise
  • PNE Digital

No other namestyles are permitted without the permission of PNE Group.


Using the PNE Group Logo

The PNE Group logo should always be used from artwork supplied by PNE Group.If you require alternative file formats or sizes, please contact

It is not permissible to:

  • Change the colours of the logo
  • Remove or change the text
  • Distort/rotate the logo
  • Attempt to recreate the logo


Minimum spacing

The minimum spacing is always 1 times the logo height.



A combination of two colours are used for PNE Group. PNE Group Logo uses blue (Pantone7703c) for the mark and namestyle and grey (Pantone Cool Gray 8c) for the vertical line.

CMYK Colour Values (for Printing):

Blue: C: 76% M: 18% Y: 12% K: 0%

Grey: C: 36% M: 29% Y: 28% K: 0%

Web Safe RGB Colour Values:

Blue: R: 21 G: 162 B: 201

Grey: R: 168 G: 168 B: 170



Helvetica 55 Roman is the official typeface for all PNE Group marketing and communications. This font should be used in all corporate material. For web and new media, a combination of Helvetica and Arial fonts is acceptable.

The fonts are provided in a number of weights, but to ensure readability, please do not go below 8 point for body text and 12 point for titles, headlines and subheads in printed.