Programme Management: Our Five Step Process

From inception through to monitoring and evaluation, our programme management services are tailored specifically to each individual project. Our specialist teams have both the experience and tools for large scale programme delivery and can provide expert consultation on the design and delivery of a programme which aligns to your organisation’s objectives.


  1. Initiation

Working closely with you, our team of experts provide consultancy to help you determine the objectives of your programme and how these can be achieved. We consider key factors such as budget, timescale, and beneficiaries to determine the best approach to meet your requirements.


  1. Design

Once initial objectives and project scope are understood, we will design a programme management process to meet your specific requirements. We conduct comprehensive research reports on your request, such as value chain briefings, which examine existing business ecosystems and processes which could influence the delivery of your programme. In addition, we also strive to understand your organisation’s stakeholders and can support in the development of marketing and engagement plans.


  1. Delivery

With the design of the project finalised, we then pilot the programme, and configure tools and processes to acquire feedback. This feedback then informs the launch of the programme.


  1. Ongoing support

We work with you, from inception through to completion on the delivery of your programme, to ensure that initial objectives and targets will be met and to gain a detailed understanding of reach and impact.


  1. Review

We consistently support the delivery of our programmes to ensure that all expected outputs are achieved. We offer data and feedback collection at every stage of our programmes, using this to identify opportunities for improvement and to benchmark success.