PNE Enterprise

Directly supporting over 10,000 businesses to start-up, the award-winning PNE Enterprise team have over 35 years’ experience providing tailored services to new and existing businesses, enabling them to make their venture successful and sustainable.

Situated in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the PNE Enterprise team offer business support and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses within the region, providing confidential advice, training courses and workshops, mentoring schemes, and access to funding advice. Along with the delivery of government and publicly-funded support programmes, the team deliver their own business growth programme, Get Growing, and their grant programme, the Sustainable Start-up Award.

In addition, the PNE Enterprise team also deliver targeted enterprise workshops to promote entrepreneurship as a viable employment option. These workshops are tailored to individuals with barriers or uncertainty surrounding employment or entrepreneurial aspiration to empower them to launch and manage their own enterprises.

For more information on PNE Enterprise’s business support services, visit the PNE Enterprise website.


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