NatWest: Back Her Business

NatWest: Back Her Business

PNE Group are supporting the NatWest Back Her Business initiative, launched in March 2019, which provides access to finance and support for female entrepreneurs.


“We were told that they felt there was a lack of appropriate finance, mentoring, role models, local support and tailored advice and with Back Her Business, we want to tackle this head on.”

Jill Arnold, sustainable banking lead at NatWest


About Back Her Business

The initiative invites female entrepreneurs and women-led businesses to crowdfund through its platform, with the bank potentially ‘topping up’ crowd sourced funding by up to £5,000 or 50% of the total raised, pledging £1 million a year to this provision. Those taking part will also be able to develop their ideas via a range of support options, such as coaching, mentoring and opportunities for collaboration.

Learn more about the initiative on the Back Her Business website >

Learn more about the initiative on the RBS website >


What we do

PNE Group is working with the project to develop a UK wide network of partners to provide entrepreneurship support for participants and engage hard to reach communities. Additionally, the team will be providing ongoing evaluation of the programme’s impact.


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