Our Digital Enterprise Support is a Success

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PNE Enterprise’s digital commitment to start-ups and SME’s it serves.

In April last year, PNE Enterprise announced the launch of an exciting new digital enterprise service that would deliver their expert support services to even more businesses. Introducing the service was a statement of PNE Enterprise’s commitment to start-ups and SME’s it serves. The PNE Enterprise team aim to support entrepreneurs when they most need it and know that often a helping hand overcoming the small challenges of running a business day-to-day is all people need to beat the barriers they encountered – having a question answered in the middle of a busy schedule, whilst managing their shop or when they just can’t make the journey to the Newcastle offices.

In the year since the launch of the service, which puts you in direct contact with PNE Enterprise’s experienced business advisors, they’ve been able to support 85 individuals with one-to-one support sessions, averaging over half an hour per chat, helping them get the right solution for their problem. We were very excited to find that 100% of people using the messenger service found it helpful, would use the service again AND would recommend it to others. A fantastic 93% of businesses found the solution to their query during the first conversation, which proves that PNE Enterprise really are enabling entrepreneurs across the country to ask the questions they need to move forward, in an easy, hassle-free way.

Feedback has revealed that the service has the seal of approval of its users, with comments including ‘A really helpful conversation, I feel more confident now‘, ‘Amazing customer service and so easy!‘, and ‘Great service, fast and effective. Loved the fact that you can use web chat. Advisor was very knowledgeable‘.

If you’re an organisation who wants to support start-ups and small business, our North East based enterprise agency PNE Enterprise works across the region to deliver initiatives that drive social and economic value – getting the right support to the right people. You can learn more about their work here.


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