North East Productivity : PNE Group Publish Report

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PNE Group are pleased to announce the publication of our latest industry report, Unlocking the North East Productivity Puzzle: An Enterprise Solution.

Part of our publication series, Unlocking the North East Productivity Puzzle, the report outlines the current productivity challenges faced by the North East, explores the contribution of business birth rate and survival, and provides recommendations for solutions that will support and nurture entrepreneurship within the region.

The full report is available for download below.

Key data includes:

  • Whilst the region’s businesses are more likely to survive than the national average in year one, the region falls behind in year two, and by year five, only 41.8% of businesses within the NELEP region remain in operation (the national average standing at 44.1%).
  • From a survey of 91 entrepreneurs, 30% of participants cited a need to develop business acumen as a barrier to starting up, while 26% of participants cited access to finance as a barrier.


Commenting on the report, Tracey Moore, Executive Director at PNE Group, said: “We’ve witnessed first-hand the barriers faced by entrepreneurs within the region and our latest report offers suggestions to support these entrepreneurs to start-up and build more sustainable businesses.”




Download Unlocking the North East Productivity Puzzle: An Enterprise Solution.


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