Shell LiveWIRE Launch Global Innovation Competition

Top Ten Innovators

Shell LiveWIRE has launched its search to find the top ten most innovative businesses supported by the international LiveWIRE programmes within the past five years.

The Shell LiveWIRE Top Ten Innovators awards programme comprises an invitation only online application process which will enable nominated innovative LiveWIRE businesses, which have been trading for between 12 months and five years, to compete for a top award of US $15,000. In addition, three runners up will each receive US $10,000 with the six remaining shortlisted innovators receiving US $5,000 each.

Innovation is a key way in which entrepreneurs can increase the sustainability, survivability and success of their business, and the Shell LiveWIRE Top Ten Innovators awards will highlight and reward LiveWIRE businesses that demonstrate excellence in innovation.

Innovation is all about change – the act of making changes in a business via the introduction of new products (or improvements of existing ones), services, methods or processes. These changes will make a significant positive difference, and that difference should be measurable in some way, such as: an increase in jobs, turnover or customers; savings in time, cost or resource.

The inaugural Global Winner of the Shell LiveWIRE Top Ten Innovators award, Esther Wang is in no doubt about the significant impact the award has had on the development of her business, Joytingle, and the success of her patient education resources.

Esther says, “The Shell LiveWIRE Global Top Ten Innovators Award strengthened Joytingle’s brand, which enabled Rabbit Ray to support more children worldwide.

“With the award, we were able to open more doors with institutions who otherwise adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach.”

Joytingle’s flagship product is ‘Rabbit Ray’, an interactive rabbit toy which is used by health professionals to explain and familiarise young children with medical procedures they will be undergoing, thereby reducing their anxiety and improving their understanding.

Since winning the award in 2015, Joytingle has moved into international healthcare markets and has added 13 new hospitals as clients, including Johns Hopkins Children’s Center (US), Great Ormond Street Hospital (UK), Evelina London Children’s Hospital (UK), and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (Australia).

Esther adds, “As an Asian company introducing our products overseas, having such a prestigious international award behind us is a fantastic endorsement and tells hospitals worldwide that our product is worth checking out.”

Winning the award attracted the attention of several influential stakeholders, including Singapore’s Finance Minister who mentioned Joytingle in Singapore’s Parliament, highlighting it as an example of ‘innovation by design’. Subsequently, Esther was interviewed by Singapore’s national tv news channel and beamed into households throughout the nation.

The Top Ten Innovator prize money enabled Esther to strengthen her business through investing in intellectual property protection and international safety certification. Esther says, “With Joytingle’s growing list of international clients, the IP protection gives us peace of mind in introducing our products to new audiences.

“It also enabled us to ensure our products meet European safety standards.”

Esther also used part of her prize to exhibit at a US conference attended by a key client group – Child Life Specialists from around the world. This led to a major coup for the business, with Esther being invited to share her work on vaccine education with the New York Health Department.

Each Shell LiveWIRE Programme Manager can nominate up to three businesses to apply for Top Ten Innovators, and the application window closes on 11 August. As part of the application process, entrepreneurs are required to submit a video pitch, of up to 90 seconds, which explains how the entrepreneur is innovating, the impact that this is having on the business, and what they would do with the award. The 20 best applicants will then go forward to a public vote, which will contribute to an assessment of the overall application, from which the Top Ten will selected to be judged, and ranked, by an expert, international adjudication panel.

The judges will score the businesses on the following criteria to select the winners:

  • Business has introduced a clear, demonstrable innovation
  • Business has implemented an approach which solves its customers’ (or other stakeholders’) problems
  • Business demonstrates growth, and job creation
  • Business has impacted on its market
  • Business has further growth potential

And, where applicable:

  • Business demonstrates innovation that is contributing to the energy transition
  • Business provides an innovative solution to enhance the sustainability of a major supply chain (including Shell’s) through, for example reducing waste or increasing energy efficiency

The winners will be announced in November, during Global Entrepreneurship Week.