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Since 2012 PNE Group have provided grant administration services to RBS for its social investment programmes RBS Inspiring Enterprise and the RBS Skills and Opportunities Fund, managing a bespoke system that incorporates the application process, assessment and post-award monitoring of applicants.


RBS Skills and Opportunities Fund:

We currently support the the RBS Skills and Opportunities Fund. Running until 2018, the Fund pledged £10m to organisations that help people in disadvantaged communities develop, create or access the skills and opportunities they need to help themselves. To date the fund has supported 139,282 individuals, helped 5,592 people into employment, contributed to 1,698 businesses to start-up and funded 14,203 qualifications.


RBS Inspiring Enterprise:

From 2012 to 2015 we worked on RBS Inspiring Enterprise (RBSIE). The ambition of RBSIE was to advance entrepreneurial culture in the UK, with a specific focus on youth and women’s organisations. The project has supported over 4,500 start-ups with funding, access to markets and expert support.

We acted as the grant administrators for the RBSIE programme, providing four funding cycles a year offering grants of up to £50,000. From 2012–2014 the we were responsible for ensuring over £3m of investment was allocated fairly, to organisations which would most effectively contribute to RBSIE’s ambitions of positively influencing entrepreneurial culture on a national scale. The effective administration of RBSIE funds saw the companies 2015 targets of supporting 20,000 women and 2,500 new businesses surpassed by September.

The grant assessment programme the we manage for RBSIE utilizes the groups 35 years of experience as practitioners working towards the similar ambition of stimulating entrepreneurial activity to create an assessment system bespoke for RBS.

Operating a thorough and transparent programme, our grant administration meets a wide range of client requirements including – the design and realisation of the application process, an internal shortlisting process, the organisation of impartial, public figures to judge finalists, the integration of a public vote into final grant allocations and the continued monitoring of successful applicants to ensure they meet the RBS Inspiring Enterprise standards.