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Cricket for All! Cricketqube

To many across England, “cricket is not something you like…cricket is a religion”. And, although the England national team may be having a difficult 2022 so far, there are some in the game, like Alosh K Jose, founder of Cricketqube, who are flourishing, making an impact before an exciting summer of sport!

Cricketqube re-imagines and re-invents the sport for the modern age. All-weather, accessible and portable, Alosh and his team have made it their mission to bring the joy of cricket to both beginners and pros alike, playing the game as it should be: for everyone. 

Cricketqube's backyard approach allows for events anywhere, anytime, making it perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. Alosh has also forged partnerships with local schools and youth organisations to deliver exciting and innovative BYC sessions. Cricketqube is also actively working with Al UKRI, Ageing 2.0 and UnLtd on events for ageing adults, helping people stay active and socially connected across generations. 

“I had great fun playing cricket… Alosh’s friendly, laid back attitude and clear instructions made it really enjoyable”

A member of the Newcastle Impact Incubator, Alosh is a common feature at PNE events, workshops and weekly stand-ups and is always found in the incubator’s hotdesking space, with bat and ball nearby. In late 2021, Cricketqube hosted a BYC session with the Impact Incubator members and PNE staff in a local park. The event was a huge success and created brilliant memories and new rivalries!

“We had a great time and networking event with Cricketqube. It was inclusive whatever your ability and so much fun” - PNE business advisor Lyn Carruthers.

So what’s next for Alosh and Cricketqube? Beer cricket! The exciting entrepreneur has been connecting with breweries across the North East to trial this new, boozier format of the game. Marketed to corporate clients and party go-ers, Cricketqube plans to collaborate with local brewers to provide packages that combine cricket with locally produced beer, creating a fun and exciting twist!

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