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Level Up! Shadowforge Design

Need to level up your organisations content? Look no further than Newcastle Impact Incubator member Natasha Purser and Shadowforge Design!

Shadowforge Design is a graphic design and digital marketing company that helps content creators forge their brands. Founded in 2018, Natasha helps local communities and content creators become more digitally savvy and develop their skills in digital programmes such as Twitch, Discord, and other social media platforms.

Like many of us, Natasha is a big gamer, playing competitive e-sports and becoming a successful E-sports team manager. After putting her controller down, Natasha moved into her true passion, design, creating websites for her family and friends, until venturing into creating custom badges, video editing, custom stream overlays, and offering digital marketing advice and lessons, as well as branding.

Looking for support, Natasha attended a PNE training course where she met Business Advisor, Melissa Middleton. From here on Melissa supported Natasha with 1-2-1 mentorships and training to help take Shadowforge to the next level! She joined the PNE Pioneers with her business, attended networking events alongside her peers and eventually successfully applied for the PNE Incubator project.

“The biggest help and support would be the 1-2-1 meetings and being accepted to the PNE Incubator.”

With the support of Melissa and PNE, Natasha has unlocked her business potential, fully developing her website along with her other social media platforms. Shadowforge has grown from providing graphics and website services to offering digital marketing advice and support. Natasha is now helping her clients understand what digital marketing is, the branding, and helping them plan and create their content.

Since launching, Shadowforge has gone from strength to strength, winning the Corporate Vision Media Innovator Awards for ‘Best Graphic Design Content Editing Solutions – County Durham | 2021’ and Corporate Livewire Global Awards for ‘Graphic Design Content Editing Solution’ of the Year | UK 2021/2022.

“Just do it! Be prepared to change a lot of things along the way, because whatever you plan at the start will eventually change. Your timeline will also change depending on the environmental and personal circumstances of your time. You also need to be flexible and know how to compromise with everyone especially your mentors, as you might need to take the long road to be able to succeed.”

So what next? In 2023 Natasha wants to get her webshop fully up and running and start doing workshops in Digital Marketing via online courses. She also plans to create motion graphic videos to explain Digital Marketing and its services like SEO and the AIDA formula in a fun and more interactive way with animated characters for people to learn. We can't wait to see where Shadowforge and Natasha go next!

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