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Pioneering Sound Therapy In the North East

Introducing Sustainable Creative Member Edwina Forshaw-Gumbrill, the visionary force behind Sound Therapy Northeast. Her mission harmoniously merges modern innovation with traditional holistic practices, creating a sanctuary dedicated to holistic well-being.

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Edwina has forged a distinctive path within sound therapy, fashioning an experience that alleviates stress and fosters relaxation. She has overcome challenges such as importing equipment from America, securing funding, and establishing an effective workspace at home. 

"The inspiration behind the business comes from a deep-rooted passion for helping people on their wellness journey. I have a love for alternative, natural and holistic therapies that use the backing of science to show how they work."

Edwina believes that being a member of the Sustainable Creative programme has helped her overcome these challenges. The guidance and support from her fellow cohorts helped her navigate the intricate process of starting a business. She is currently focusing on improving her website, strengthening her social media presence, and creating printed promotional materials in the upcoming months. She also plans to conduct workshops and group sessions to introduce people to the positive impacts of sound therapy.

"The supportive network of organisers, enriched with comprehensive knowledge has been my guiding light during the start-up process. The thoughtfully created workshops have not only enlightened me but ignited inspiration and urged me to think beyond conventional boundaries. The unparalleled mentorship has been a cornerstone of my growth."

Edwina is actively seeking funding for a mobile sound table to expand her trials, targeting those dealing with Parkinson's symptoms and children with special needs. Her goal over the next five years is to establish a thriving Sound Therapy practice, benefiting many individuals and families by restoring their health and well-being. Edwina envisions a more extensive practice, potentially resembling a 'brain spa,' with advanced facilities and a practitioner team. Her ambitions include:

  • Introducing sound therapy to workplaces.
  • Allowing employees to integrate 30-minute sound sessions into their routines.
  • Promoting proactive health and well-being practices.

When asked what advice she would give to anyone considering starting their own business, Edwina said: Embrace your aspirations wholeheartedly and dive in without hesitation. You will find unwavering support and will be cheered on every step of the way.

Want to learn more about Edwina's business? Visit her website:

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This project has been supported by the Creative Central Newcastle programme, funded by the North of Tyne Combined Authority and Newcastle City Council.

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