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Qualifications Case Study: James Bower

James Bower, a chartered surveyor specialising in estate management at Newcastle University, recognised the need for more staff management experience to enhance his skills. After Newcastle University's learning and development department recommended PNE for the Management and Leadership program, he pursued a CMI Management and Leadership qualification.

James contacted PNE and was assigned Helen as his mentor. At first, he struggled with his qualification because of the vast materials and options available. He found it hard to differentiate between diplomas, courses, and certifications and was concerned about the lengthy time commitments of some programmes. Thankfully, Helen was there to help him choose the suitable level and elective based on his interests and aspirations.

James enrolled in the coaching and mentoring module as he recognised the importance of enhancing his skills in assisting others. He was thrilled with the experience and found it incredibly valuable and would have eagerly signed up for additional modules if possible. James was delighted with the assessment feedback he received. Helen was invaluable in helping him navigate the various modules and supported his learning by reviewing his assignment drafts before submission. Her explanations of similar words and concepts were beneficial.

After completing the qualification with PNE, James feels more comfortable and confident participating in mentoring projects at the university. He's excited to meet his first mentee and couldn't be happier with how the CMI course has added value to his work. It's positioned him for future promotions, and he's grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow.

James highly recommends the management and leadership qualification process for professional development. He suggests starting with the basics to ensure you know the differences between the various courses and diplomas available and carefully considering time commitments. It's all about being informed and getting ahead!

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