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Social Enterprise Boost: Duke Fitness CIC

Meet Danielle Duke, social entrepreneur and founder of Duke Fitness C.I.C., a social enterprise on a mission to make fitness accessible to everyone in the community.

As someone passionate about fitness from a young age, Danielle found solace and strength in working out. However, after giving birth to her son, she encountered challenges maintaining her fitness routine due to limited childcare options and financial constraints. Motivated by her own experiences, Danielle founded Duke Fitness C.I.C. during her maternity leave, envisioning a space where parents could exercise alongside their children in a supportive and affordable environment.

Starting a business is no easy feat, and Danielle faced her share of challenges. However, by understanding the needs of her community, she was able to create accessible fitness solutions that were well-suited to their demands. She tailored her offerings accordingly, which made the process relatively smooth. 

“I’m hoping to target as many individuals in the community as possible, and get them feeling amazing, equally healthy, and happy.”

Being part of the Social Enterprise Boost programme has been helpful to Danielle and her business’s growth. The support and advice she has received so far from the programme have enabled her to expand her reach through the development of a website and extended popular programmes like “Baby and Me,” which Danielle hosted free of charge for parts of 2023.

Danielle's next step is to reach out to community members to engage with them and foster a culture of health and well-being in the city. She plans to expand by introducing new classes tailored for various age groups and implementing training programmes and projects to support those in need within the community.

When asked what advice she would give to aspiring entrepreneurs, Danielle responded with…

“100% do it, you have nothing to lose! And with the support of the Social Enterprise Boost programme it makes it that little bit easier.”

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