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Social Enterprise Boost: Zone31

In response to the lack of inclusive art opportunities, Zoe Corr established Zone31, a social enterprise dedicated to making the arts accessible to all, inspiring and opening doors for individuals who may have once felt excluded from the art world.

Zone31 specialises in providing adaptable art workshops that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical abilities or access requirements. With a strong belief in the power of art as a tool for expression and empowerment, Zoe aims to create inclusive spaces where individuals can explore their creativity freely.

Zoe had quite a few challenges when she started her small business. One notable obstacle was figuring out how to market her services to potential clients in an effective way. On top of that, Zoe had to create technology that enables wheelchair users to engage in art activities using their chairs as tools.

"The advice and expertise available from PNE and the advisors have been priceless so far."

Zoe's journey received a significant boost from her participation in the Social Enterprise Boost programme. The programme provided her with essential resources such as support with logo design and branding technology and guidance offered by the programme to research and refine her business ideas.

In addition to being part of the Social Enterprise Boost programme, Zoe received invaluable support from PNE, such as taking charge of her marketing efforts and connecting with other relevant networks and organisations interested in her innovative approach to inclusive art workshops.

"I would advise anyone to approach PNE, as there is a lot of information and practical workshops available to assist them. Also, being able to meet with professional advisors couldn't be higher on my list of recommendations"

Zoe has taken great care in establishing her brand and has gained more confidence in approaching potential clients for her business. Moving forward, she intends to continue introducing new and innovative services to encourage inclusivity in art activities throughout South Tyneside. She aims to work with schools and educators to provide therapeutic and enjoyable workshops outside of regular school hours.

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