Monitoring and Evaluation

We are highly skilled in monitoring and evaluation, delivering comprehensive assessments for over 35 years.

We have delivered evaluations of programmes and projects on a national and global scale, working with both the public and private sector to monitor and measure impact. We are committed to showing the impact of a programme or project, collaboratively working with beneficiaries to gain a thorough understanding of reach and impact.

We are an accredited ISO 9001: 2015 organisation and deliver inclusive monitoring and evaluation services to the highest standards.


Our Five Steps to Monitoring and Evaluation

From designing evaluation frameworks, implementing multi-method evaluations, and monitoring programme performance, our experienced team can support you to identify and demonstrate measurable results. We offer high-quality and participatory evaluation, utilising qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method approaches.

1. Initiation

We work with you throughout the initial design process to agree the outcomes, needs and objectives of the data to be collected. We establish a term of reference for the project, detailing how the study will be undertaken, which data is required and why, strategies for data gathering and whether any benchmarks to other similar or published work may add value.

2. Design

Once initial objectives are understood, we develop a study framework to determine the focus and scope of the work to be undertaken. We take into consideration factors such as audience, budget, and purpose of the work.

3. Data collection

Based on the scope, purpose and budget for the data, we identify the most appropriate methods of data collection and consider qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method approaches. We identify the value and collection of primary and secondary data before launching the data collection. We ensure all data collection is executed to high ethical standards and where required, can guarantee the anonymity of data participants and respondents.

4. Assessment

Once data has been collected, we review the findings, filtering data into appropriate categories and themes. We analyse all result and identify potential findings for review.

5. Communication

With the data filtered, we will supply you with recommendations and suggestions to use the data to support your organisation and project’s goals and objectives. We will consider key audiences and how we can tailor and package the data to key stakeholders, including visualising the data and drawing out key points for stakeholders and audiences.


Examples of Our Work

We’ve provided comprehensive monitoring and evaluation services for a range of clients all around the world. Explore examples of our work below.

Case Study: Department for International Development

Working under contract to Deloitte Emerging Markets Group, we undertook monitoring and evaluation of projects funded by the Department for International Development’s (DfID) Business Linkages Challenge Programme.


If you would like to understand the added value and benefit of a programme or project, contact David Tuck, Innovation Lead, at


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