Fund Administration & Assessment

We operate fund administration and assessment services on behalf of our clients, managing the project with complete transparency. With over £15.7m worth of funds already administered we can also provide clients with comprehensive.

Fund Administration

To date we have been responsible for administering over £9.7m of client’s funds and £6m of our own, working with businesses, organisations and government.

In 2015 alone we administered over £2.5m in funding for our clients. One of the funds administered through a programme designed by us saw clients’ targets surpassed within the third quarter, reaching nearly twice as many enterprises than intended without compromising on the quality of support.

From designing an application programme to monitoring impact after distribution, we can offer a comprehensive fund administration service to meet your company’s needs, or take responsibility for part of the process.

Amongst other things your fund administration programme may include:

  • The design and realisation of the application process
  • The creation and daily monitoring of the online application websites
  • Active campaigning for applications within the company’s network
  • Impartial and expert application assessment
  • The organisation of impartial, public figures to judge finalists
  • The integration of a public vote
  • The administration of funds and supporting contracts
  • The continued monitoring of successful applicants to ensure they meet the allocation criteria

In addition to taking responsibility for the fund administration, our extensive experience in the field allows us to offer informed assessments of a programmes performance, including:

  • Creating and monitoring targets for the funding’s performance (i.e. submission levels, demographics, etc.)
  • Thorough reporting on the performance of the programme during and after the fund administration, in both real terms and in comparison with other programmes

To find out more about our fund administration services view the case study on our work with RBS Inspiring Enterprise.


Fund Assessment

We produce impartial evaluations of funding applications tailored to the client’s requirements. Assessment is only one way in which we can support your funding programme.

Distributing financial support to a cause, person or group introduces accountability and raises questions about the real impact of the funds use and how most efficiently to distribute funds to achieve the client’s desired results.

Our assessment methods provide thoughtful solutions to the question of how to provide the most fair and cost-effective fund distribution. Accountable to the client and organisations governing assessment standards, all assessments are processed with complete transparency and full records of method and practice.

Assessment methods may include:

    • Scoring by experienced, qualified assessors on criteria designed by us for the client
    • Scoring by experienced, qualified assessors to a client’s criteria
    • The organisation and management of judging panels, often including relevant public figures

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