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A Distinkt Approach to Sustainability

PNE's Maria Payumo had the pleasure of chatting with Robert Bowey and Chiara Wilson from Distinkt, a dynamic new start-up revolutionising how hospitality businesses approach sustainability. They aim to make sustainability accessible to everyone while introducing a pioneering standardised sustainability rating for the hospitality industry.

Robert and Chiara's business idea came from a desire to change how people view and approach sustainability. Robert shared that he was inspired to make a social impact and promote a more sustainable way of doing business. Drawing on experience working in hospitality, the duo set about creating the blueprint for Distinkt, making a mission statement and starting their journey as entrepreneurs. 

"Distinkt's mission is to foster a socially responsible and environmentally conscious arts and hospitality sector that promotes inclusivity, cultural vibrancy, and community."

When Robert and Chiara started their business, they faced various challenges that required serious brainstorming. Firstly, finding grants and funding was tough. They needed extensive research and put forward persuasive arguments to convince stakeholders of their business's potential and sustainable impact. Secondly, pricing their service was challenging, as they were first on the market. They had to develop and research it carefully, analysing sustainability trends and trying to create a new pricing structure. Finally, establishing a sustainability framework for the hospitality sector was a complex task that had never been attempted before. Therefore, comprehensive planning and implementation were needed to ensure that the product embodied environmental responsibility and made a significant social impact.

Getting business support from PNE was a game-changer for Robert and Chiara. They made excellent connections through the Pioneers network, leading to opportunities for collaboration, where they could team up with other awesome individuals and organisations who champion sustainability. Distinkt also has set up residence in Enterprise Central, PNE's new hotdesking space, which provided the perfect work environment for their productivity, and they could always get business or marketing advice when needed. 

In the coming months, Robert and Chiara are working hard to get their business fully up and running. They're putting the finishing touches on their designs and framework for sustainability. Over the next five years, they have big goals, like making a profit, expanding their team, and moving into a bigger office. They're even thinking about adding a slide! But most importantly, they want to positively impact both their community and the world by encouraging sustainable consumer behaviours.

If you want to become an entrepreneur, the Distinkt duo advises seeking business support. Robert stresses the importance of actively seeking resources, networks, and guidance through various support programs and organisations. This kind of support can provide valuable insights, expertise, and opportunities to help you succeed on your entrepreneurial journey.

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