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Martin Wintermeyer: Heartbeats and Milliseconds

Heartbeats and Milliseconds offer coaching to individuals, small teams, and businesses to tackle individual and team performance problems, which are often caused by underlying social, financial, health, and well-being concerns. Martin Wintermeyer (founder) wants to remove any barriers regarding staff achieving excellence in their career and within their organisation by helping and guiding organisations in the areas of team coaching and team development sessions.

Martin used to be in the Royal Airforce and in 2008 moved into a coaching role within the forces. He aims to make a statement and to leave an impression on the businesses/organisations that he works with and the people that he’s helping. In addition, Martin offers services, pro bono, to local charitable organisations to help them improve their sustainability and viability. This then enables his business to be at the heart of local issues, such as poverty, social deprivation, and isolation.

Martin initially struggled to find people to understand what coaching is and sourcing the individuals, teams, and businesses that can help use the service and help their team to understand what his guidance can do for their business/organisation. He found PNE and met Melissa Middleton and attended a PNE 2-day programme. Through the training course, he found out about the PNE Impact Incubator project, which gave him access to an office where he can work, and 1-2-1 business support from the Business Advisors. Business support was key to Martin starting his business. He was taken through the necessary steps and hurdles of how to set up a small business and how to eventually register his new organisation.

After 1-2-1 support from the Business Advisors, Martin now has a good understanding of the day-to-day running of a business and feels confident that he is doing the correct thing, getting on top of his accounts, and when and how to do it. In the beginning, Martin also knows how to market his business and network with people/businesses and tell his message across.

“Follow your passion. Find something that you are really passionate about and turn that into a business. Make sure to get yourself a good mentor and coach to help and guide you with starting your small business. Research as much as you can regarding setting up a small business and network widely.” – Martin Wintermeyer, founder of Heartbeats and Milliseconds Ltd.

So what next? Martin wants to continue networking and expanding his business and services across the UK.  He aims to find the right companies that excite him and how they can benefit from what he has to offer. In the next five years, he hopes to be retired, but before that, Martin aims to find a company that he can work with for 2-3 years and to prove to them what the ethics of coaching is.

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