Get Growing Your Network

Get Growing Your Network is a quarterly PNE Enterprise funded and organised the event, run as part of the Get Growing programme. It is a chance for like-minded start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs to come together, share knowledge and support one another in an informal setting. Joined by members of the wider business community, it is also an opportunity to make introductions, discover new business opportunities, get professional advice and grow their support networks. To date, we’ve had speakers from the North East start-up community talk about looking after mental health as an entrepreneur (SWIRL), how to think like a sustainable business (SeaPigs) and tackling a social challenge through business (ARC).


Attendee feedback:

Good balance of informal yet professional. Appreciated the PNE team chatting to people throughout the evening and making introductions.” Entrepreneurs Interesting and varied entrepreneurs. It was nice to have various types of entrepreneurs and also at different stages of business.”Felt friendly, cosy and (the event) promotes informal chat rather than business which is nice to have a break from.”


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