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Bringing Happiness and Joy to Market!

Introducing Nichola English, a Sustainable Creative programme member and Darling Ginger Designs's proud owner. PNE's Maria Payumo sat down with Nichola to discuss her exciting enterprise!

Nichola started Darling Ginger Designs to give customers unique and customised gifts that bring them happiness and joy. She envisions crafting unique, bespoke products that are thoughtfully sourced and beautifully packaged. Her goal is to cater to customers in the UK and beyond. Despite facing challenges while establishing a similar business in the past, she revisited the idea with renewed inspiration and support from her partner. Her determination paid off, and in 2021, Darling Ginger Designs was successfully launched.

Nichola's determination allowed her to overcome obstacles, including budget constraints and the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the retail and creative sectors. She optimised her strategies, using social media platforms to expand her online presence and promote her business. Though marketing was a significant obstacle, Nichola found ways to overcome the challenges and enjoyed the creative process.

The Sustainable Creative Programme, facilitated by PNE, has played a vital role in providing Nichola with valuable insights and support for her business. She can share her ideas, receive helpful feedback, and build relationships with fellow creatives. The workshops and one-on-one coaching gave her the knowledge and support she needed to create a clear path for her business's growth and expansion. Nichola also regularly has a stall at Ouseburn Creative Market that is funded by the project, which has allowed her to test-trade and gain vital experience.

If you're considering starting a business, Nichola has some helpful tips. She suggests focusing on taking action and learning from the process rather than worrying about comparing yourself to competitors or feeling like an imposter. Finding a business mentor who can offer guidance and support along the way is also a great idea to help guide you. 

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This project has been supported by the Creative Central Newcastle programme, funded by the North of Tyne Combined Authority and Newcastle City Council.

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