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Newcastle Impact Incubator: Looking Back at Our First Year

As the first cohort of the Newcastle Impact Incubator Programme prepare to take their leave, we look back at a year to remember and look forward to the next iteration of this innovative project.

Launched at the start of 2021, the Newcastle Impact Incubator has not only supported 10 Newcastle-based start-ups to launch and grow but has created a community of entrepreneurs who are passionate about tackling social and environmental challenges. What was originally an empty room has been transformed into a hub for innovation and development, becoming not only an office but a home for these exciting enterprises in the early stages of their business journeys. 

“The support has been invaluable, everyone at the Incubator is always there when I need them. It feels like everyone goes out of their way to help and is genuinely rooting for you” Kim Stacey - Body Image Fitness

The Incubator has seen moments of triumph, overcoming adversity and real development from all of the members. From website launches to awards, collaboration and funding, there has never been a dull week, creating purposeful and excitable energy that has driven the businesses forward, even when operating virtually during the Coronavirus pandemic. Melissa Middleton, Business Support Coordinator and Impact Incubator mentor said: “It has been an unbelievable journey and I am so proud of our first Impact Incubator cohort. We have seen amazing progress from all of our start-ups and a real community has formed, which I am sure will continue outside of the Impact Incubator”

“The Incubator has helped me a lot with strategy, marketing and more. It is my go-to place if I'm stuck at something and there is always someone who would have a brilliant answer to my question” - Alosh K Jose - Cricketqube

The Incubator has also been a safe space for the Incubator members to trial ideas or new products and services. The space has hosted cricket workshops, textile classes, food sampling sessions and even a burlesquercise class, all to help the entrepreneurs plan and practice for trading to the public.

“An active space which inspires me to take the next step out of my comfort zone and give me the confidence to push my business forward. I have been surrounded by a community of super creative and encouraging minds, providing me with feedback, ideas and making learning fun!” Grace Gorman - InCommon

Finally, the PNE Team would like to say a huge thankyou to our first Impact Incubator Cohort. Without you this project would not be possible and we wish you all the best and future success in the years to come!

Impact Incubator 2021 Cohort

  • Alosh Jose, Cricketqube

  • Farzaneh Hajirasouliha, Vivid Future

  • Henrietta Price, Ruma Lifestyle

  • Ingrid Ngue Ngue, Cult2gether

  • Kim Stacey, Kim Resilience Training

  • Nora Nozizwe Hutchinson, Braai Foods

  • Xiaohong Chen, Sustainability and Low Carbon Consulting

  • Yuru Guo, Hey! Food is Ready

  • Sam Booth, The Lubber Fiend

  • Grace Gorman, InCommon

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