Company Structure

PNE Group (legally constituted in the UK as Project North East) is an independent, non-profit distributing organisation. Discover more about the Group’s company structure below.


PNE Group

National and international corporate contracts are delivered under the PNE Group brand. These contracts support large organisations with enterprise-focused programmes and projects.


PNE Enterprise (Brand)

PNE Enterprise supports business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs within the North East of England and Cumbria to consider enterprise as a viable employment option. The team provide advice and guidance to those considering launching or growing a business.


PNE Development (Brand)

A CMI and ILM centre, PNE Development offer a range of solutions to enable individuals and organisations to develop and grow through professional development. The services they offer include professional qualifications, tailored coaching and mentoring services, and organisational consultancy support and guidance.


North East Workspace (Company)

North East Workspace is responsible for the leasing and associated business activities of the diverse range of commercial lets and shopfront spaces for rent within PNE Group’s property portfolio in the central area of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


Silicon Alley (Company)

Silicon Alley provides high-speed internet and associated technology services to businesses in North East Workspace premises.


PNE Foundation

The PNE Foundation is a charitable company which aims to increase access to enterprise for young people in the North East of England through the provision of funding for projects and activities that support individuals to develop in confidence and consider self-employment as a realistic career option.


To find out more information on PNE Group and its associated brands, view our Brand Family page.