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Threads, is it Here to Stay?

The social media landscape has been a rollercoaster ride lately! 

From platform rebrands and privacy scandals to tech titans locked in a fierce battle for air-time (one that might involve a cage match!), things have been, to put it mildly, interesting.

Amid this social media madness, a new contender jumped into the ring: Threads. Launched by Meta in 2023, Threads platform promised to shake things up by going back to basics and taking on the juggernaut that is X. But fighting talk aside, with an industry so volatile,  can Threads stand the test of time?

Before untangling Threads, it's worth taking a closer look at its main competitor, X.  It's no secret that X has hit some rough patches recently. Between mass layoffs, a CEO known for his outspoken announcements, and controversial attempts at monetization (remember the blue tick), X has seen a significant decline in users – a 15% decline from February 2023 to February 2024 (NBC,2024)

Threads has recently gained popularity among US users, with 46.2 million downloads in February 2024. In comparison, X had only 2.9 million downloads during the same period. However, it is important to note that X is still the goliath in this situation, with 550 million monthly users worldwide, while Threads has 150 million users. Nevertheless, the numbers speak for themselves, Threads is on the rise. (Apptopia,2024)

What makes Threads appealing? It offers a return to a simpler time in social media. Users have likened it to the early days of Twitter, praising its clean and uncluttered interface.  However, it does lack some features compared to competitors. Another positive is that Threads integrates effortlessly with Facebook and Instagram, sharing the same API and connecting seamlessly within the Meta ecosystem, making it an easy addition for those who already have a Facebook or Instagram account. 

And again... X. It positions itself as a clear alternative, attracting users who are unhappy with the direction of X and the recent shifts in user policies, particularly in how they moderate content. 

But back to the main question: Can Threads achieve lasting popularity? The answer is not straightforward. Threads need significant growth to compete with X in user engagement. Meta's backing is a strength, but success in this crowded space is far from guaranteed. While X is currently struggling, who knows how long that will last? Does Threads have a strategy to capitalise and to grow after X is back on its feet?

On a brighter note for Threads, user numbers are rising, and new features are rolling out. It's an intriguing new platform and while the jury's still out, we have seen new entrants into the market like TikTok make a huge impact over the last few years, showing it is possible to break into the social media spaceThreads' potential as a major social media player is worth monitoring and is something we will be keeping a keen eye on in 2024. 

Watch this space for more updates and articles on the latest social media developments!





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