Leadership Mentoring, Coaching and Qualifications

 “I’ve found the coaching programme immensely valuable. Tracey has helped me to identify some “blind spots” I had about myself and my skill set. She has also helped me to devise practical strategies which have enabled me to plan the next stage of my career development. I’d really recommend PNE coaching. The approach is informal and friendly; the advice is insightful and practical and is tailored to the individual’s goals and requirements.”

Gary, Gateshead Council


What We Do

PNE Group provides a diverse range of learning and professional development services to support organisations to grow the skills of their leadership and management teams. We provide programmes utilising coaching, mentoring and/or qualifications, to build the capacity and performance of your current or aspiring leaders and managers.

Our services increase the performance of your organisation by giving your key staff the tools they need to be most effective in their role. In addition, they can support effective change management and provide your staff with the opportunity for structured, impartial professional development.

We work closely with organisations to develop programmes that contribute to their capacity building, staff development and succession planning goals, with services that can benefit all levels of skills and responsibility, from budding line-managers to the CEO.

Additionally, our team of professional development specialists offer niche expertise in the provision of leadership, management and training for those working in third-sector and enterprise sector roles, and those working with volunteers.


Services we can provide include:

  • Coaching or mentoring programmes that grow the leadership and management skills within your organisation
  • Accredited leadership and management qualifications, delivered via a mix of online study and one-to-one sessions, supporting you to upskill your team, enabling them to achieve individual development goals and endorse their proficiency
  • Executive coaching, supporting the senior leadership team to develop their expertise and meet personal and professional development goals
  • Coaching and mentoring programmes to support your leaders and managers to adapt and remain effective through a period of change, such as high-growth, consolidation, restructuring or the introduction of new ways of working
  • Tailored workshops or training sessions for your leaders, managers or future managers that provide learning, share best practice and build confidence
  • Professional development programmes or sessions in leadership and management specifically for those who work with and manage volunteers, tailored to the unique requirements of this workforce


All our qualifications are accredited by the Chartered Institute for Management (CMI) or the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), for which we are recognised providers.

Our team also provide training for enterprise training delivery teams and business support professionals. Learn more >


Our Work

We have worked extensively with businesses, organisations and individuals for almost 40 years, supporting over 10,000 people with their professional development. Here are some highlights:


  • With the international Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation programme, workers and volunteers in third sector organisations across Europe were able to benefit from our management of volunteers training programme. We worked with five EU partners to pilot volunteer management online learning materials in Italy, Spain, Lithuania and Poland. Learn more >


  • Being awarded over £2m from the Northern Rock Foundation to develop a network of skills providers and to manage and monitor their delivery performance. Learn more >


Learn more about the impact our services have made for the individuals we work with through our case studies on Nicola Deeprose, Volunteer Coordinator at the Science Museum, and Richard Oswald, Work and Learning Coach at Crisis.


“I was incredibly impressed with the flexibility of the coaching service offered. I felt that it would be more beneficial in my particular circumstances to have a longer gap between sessions as many of my goals were long term – this was no problem at all and my coach and I had incredibly useful sessions. The sessions were thorough and challenging questions were always posed to me to help me think through particular scenarios. It was a shame when the sessions needed to come to an end. I would happily use the services again.”

Rachel, Diocese of Newcastle


Shared Value

As a social enterprise, we are practitioners of the services we offer, investing all surplus profits in projects which contribute to the sustainable development of communities in the North East of England. Our clients have the assurance that, through the procurement of our services, they are optimising the social impact of their supply-chain spend.

Examples of projects funded by PNE Group include:

  • Delivering business support for start-ups in collaboration with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
  • Enabling unemployed Newcastle residents to explore and pursue self-employment in connection with the New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) scheme
  • Enabling the entrepreneurial and business development of young owners with high-growth potential businesses through our Get Growing programme
  • Our Sustainable Start-up Award, a bespoke grant funding programme for North East businesses tackling sustainability
  • PNE Enterprise deliver the PNE Business Hub, providing business support to individuals who are over 50 or living with a disability in North of Tyne


Expert Processes and Project Management

Our five-step programme management process, overseen by a qualified project manager, enables us to work as an extension of your team, helping you to achieve, impactful and measurable results. In 2018, this expertise was endorsed as we were named National Enterprise Network Enterprise’s Enterprise Team of the Year.

Learn more about our five steps programme management process >


We are an ISO 9001: 2015 accredited organisation, our staff management is governed by an Investors in People standard, we are accredited by CMI and ILM qualification awarding bodies, and our digital infrastructure is Cyber Essentials certified.


If your organisation wants to explore what leadership mentoring, coaching and qualifications services PNE Group can support you with, get in touch with our team today.


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