17 Ways YOUR Business Can Help Save the World

Sustainable Business

Learn how little changes can make a big impact with our Guest Blogger, Karen Bellis, Head of International Programmes at PNE Group


Yes, saving the world may sound like a really ambitious target but there are many ways all businesses, no matter how small, can make a real contribution to help make the world a better place.  Sometimes it may feel that you have enough on your plate without trying to cure the world’s problems, but you might find that it’s easier than you think to make a real difference.  There really is nothing to lose and you could win some financial savings, some community friends and some new customers.  In delivering on these actions you’ll be starting to build your corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan.

In 2015 countries adopted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and in 2016 the Paris Agreement set out actions needed to help control climate change.  The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals set out what needs to change to help us all behave in a more sustainable way.  That’s not just on a personal basis but in business too – it’s possible for us all to find and make small changes that will add up to big impacts.


So, what are the 17 Goals?

We’re not going to list them here, you can view them on the UN website.


Why are they important?

These are goals that will help to reduce inequality, improve health and reduce climate change.  What’s not to like?  Pick the ones that are relevant to your business, not all companies set out to follow all 17 goals from the beginning.  Also, if your business can make some small changes then make sure your potential customers know about it, more buying decisions than ever now take environment and social obligations into consideration.  Think about the times your own personal spending decisions have been influenced by how companies act.  You need to tell your potential customers what you’re doing!


OK, so what can I do?

Well, this really is a case of every bit of effort helps.  Look at the way you run your business, are there ways in which you could start to make a difference?  Treat your team to some fair-trade coffee and snacks and have an ideas session on ways to make your business more sustainable, start with the small changes first then move onto the bigger things.  Does everyone switch off lights when not needed?  Are work journeys planned to make best use of travel?  Are supplies, or energy, sourced responsibly?  Do you contribute to your local community?  All these ideas are good, but see the UN’s hit list of things you can do now:

Click here to see how you can make a difference – even when sitting down on your sofa.


Make it part of your communications and marketing messages

It’s good to tell people what you’re doing, make sure you use examples and share your experiences, especially if you’re able to quantify the impact, e.g. opening windows instead of using one 3KW air conditioner can save 50 pence per hour and 3000 watts of energy per hour, that adds up to a lot of money and energy over a warm summer!  Also, really aim to link back to how it affects not only your business but the team, are there any cool quotes from employees or team members? Has anyone changed their own home energy use as a result of changes at work?  Just be sure to stick to the actual impact and be honest about any culture change made – negative call outs on social media are not a good look for any company.


What are you waiting for?

It could be easier than you think to start to make some real changes or build upon what has already been achieved.  Contact PNE if you need any support or you’d like to talk to someone about developing a sustainability plan for your business, we’d really like to hear from you.


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