Growing Business Across Borders

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This month, Shell LiveWIRE International announced the success of Let’s Go Trade. The initiative intended to support young entrepreneurs, working with LiveWIRE programmes across the world, to identify defined gaps within their business sector, and enable them to develop solutions to these through international trade visits.

Shell LiveWIRE International said, “More young LiveWIRE entrepreneurs have successfully undertaken international trade visits that will potentially open up new markets and accelerate innovation within their businesses, thanks to the Shell LiveWIRE Let’s Go Trade programme.”

Karen Bellis of the Shell LiveWIRE International team at PNE Group said, “The case studies we have received so far from those LiveWIREs who have completed their Let’s Go Trade visits have been very encouraging, with many of them developing potentially game-changing opportunities that will significantly strengthen their market position and employment creation possibilities.”

An inspiring example of the impact the initiative had on its participants was offered by Bruneian Iffah Billah Hj Junaidi, 24, of RAB Global Green Sdn Bhd. Iffah Billah visited China and Taiwan, aiming to gain a better understanding of how she could incorporate a new style of production line into the first ‘green’ factory in Brunei, which she is currently constructing.

“They’re quite innovative when it comes to machinery and systems,” said Iffah, “Everything there complies with ISO standards that are current and relevant to my business sector.”

You can read Shell LiveWIRE International’s full update on Let’s Go Trade and about some of the businesses the initiatives supported here.