Enterprise Network Conference 2015


National Enterprise Network Conference 2015: 35,000 jobs have been created by new businesses supported by the network and the power of scaling-up

The National Enterprise Network Conference is always a celebration of the great work on the frontline of enterprise, and this year proved no different – revealing the networks impact included 35,000 new jobs, created by start ups that had received members support.

Our speaker highlight came from entrepreneur Simon Devonshire’s session on the importance of scaling-up, a conversation of huge importance as business productivity is increasingly identified as a powerful tool for positive economic growth. Simon, who’s CV includes inventor of One Water and founder of Talent Cupboard, argued that the world is changing and scaling up is ‘increasingly vital to business success’, calling out the 2 million businesses who have not moved online as an example. The talk highlighted an aspect of enterprise development which is fast becoming a key industry directive, the impact made by exploring and investing in the wider potential of the businesses and start ups the enterprise network supports.

The theme of scale recurred through the conference, with Adam Hardy from UK Gov’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills posing the question ‘what if just 10% of the UK’s 4m sole and micro traders employed one person?,’ a simple but poignant indication of the collective impression investing in small business productivity could have. 35,000 is an incredible achievement but looking to the future, a greater focus on scaling up could bring even stronger results.

Every year the NEN conference provides an opportunity for conversation on the future, best practice and achievements and we’re proud to be part of such a productive network. We’d like to thank our hosts RBS and event sponsors NatWest Business for such a great event, more than ever there was a sense of true support for UK enterprise.