NEEAL ‘Impact and Value Report 2019’ Launches

“We have helped to generate £151,760,124 into the regional economy.”


New report shows that NEEAL’s enterprise agency members have collectively helped to generate over £151.76m into the North East economy.

A new report by Ideas For Change Consulting highlights the combined economic impact of PNE Group and NEEAL’s eight other enterprise agency partners in the region.

Over the past 3 years NEEAL’s collaborative group have led to:

  • 6,285 new start-ups generating over £151.76m into the regional economy
  • 9,483 jobs created which has generated over £107.84m into the regional economy
  • 4,462 unemployed people starting their own businesses resulting in over £46m worth of fiscal savings to the exchequer over three years

Value for Money

A Cost Benefit Analysis study based on NEEAL’s most recent start-up programmes delivered between October 2015 to October 2018 shows that:

  • Every £1 invested in start-up programmes has generated £5.10 worth of economic benefit to the region
  • Every £1 invested in our start-up programmes has generated £2.72 worth of fiscal savings to the exchequer

NEEAL comprises a unique collaboration of multi-award-winning enterprise agencies supporting businesses across the North East of England. Collectively, it’s a significant local employer with 228 full time staff and a collective turnover of £14.3m offering a diverse range of client focused business support programmes and workspace across the North East.

To view the full ‘NEEAL Impact and value report 2019’ please click here.


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