PNE Enterprise Share Inspiring Alumni Stories

PNE Enterprise Case Study

PNE Enterprise are pleased to announce the publication of their latest alumni case study booklet. Filled with inspiring stories of some of the entrepreneurs whose start-up business journeys have been supported by PNE Enterprise.

Read the PNE Enterprise case study booklet

PNE Enterprise have supported over 10,000 start-ups since 1980, through business support, training workshops and funding schemes, . Discussing their greatest business achievements, offering advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, and sharing how PNE Enterprise helped them on their start-up journey, this booklet offers a selection of some of the start-up success stories.

Among the many inspiring entrepreneur stories featured, the booklet includes an interview with Guy Tindale, who launched his proofreading business ‘WordWatching Editorial Services’ in June 2017. Since attending the PNE Enterprise 2 Day Intensive Business Course, Guy is now working alongside publishers as far afield as The Netherlands and Germany.  He comments, “[the course] broke the tasks ahead down into manageable steps and helped me understand them in terms of my business.”

Andy Stephenson founder of ‘Weekend Box’, a subscription based children’s craft service, shares the inspiration behind his business idea, “I was looking for gift ideas for my niece and nephew – I wanted to buy them something that was fun and engaging but also that helped them develop key skills”. He also discusses his biggest achievement so far, as well as exploring what’s next for his business.

Winner of ‘The Guardian’s Start Up of the Year’ award in 2014, Chloe Hall from ‘Bumble and Bloom Media’ with her inspirational entrepreneurial drive, tells of some of the challenges she faced when setting up her business, and how PNE Enterprise’s course helped her to overcome them.

The booklet is filled with many more start-up stories and aims to be both an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to embark on their own start-up journey, and a celebration of the work of PNE Enterprise.

Read the PNE Enterprise case study booklet

Could you be one of the North-East’s next start-up businesses featured in our case study booklet? If you are interested in starting your own business, or getting advice on how to grow your business, we encourage you to get in touch with PNE Enterprise by calling 0191 230 6410, emailing or visiting


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