The PNE Group 2016 Annual Report


We are delighted to announce the release of the PNE Group 2016 Annual Report.

The report gives us the opportunity to share news of the past year’s successes with members of the dynamic community in which the Group operates. It illustrates our major achievements in 2016, and brings to the fore the vital work that our organisation plays to foster enterprise, both in the North East and around the world. The full publication is available to view in PDF format.

As a social enterprise run by a team of passionate experts in enterprise, we endeavour to work with people and organisations who share our ambition of effecting positive social and economic change. One way we achieved this is through our work with the Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) Skills and Opportunities Fund. In 2016, the Fund distributed £2.5m to support 123 individual grassroot community organisations, benefiting approximately 42,888 people. Our work with RBS and the Skills and Opportunities Fund led to an award nomination at the Corporate Engagement Awards 2016, for which we won Bronze in the ‘Best Execution’ category.

Head of Community Programmes at RBS, Thom Kendrick, said: “PNE Group have been an essential partner in the delivery of the Fund. For this type of fund, success is best defined by impact – so it is great to know that these grants are funding projects to help people in disadvantaged communities build their skills, get into work, or start a business.”

Our commitment to supporting and developing enterprise was recognised again at the 2016 National Enterprise Network Awards where we were named Enterprise Support Organisation of the Year 2016. An important industry award, its recognition endorses the Group’s leadership in the enterprise sector.

Dawn Whiteley MBE, Chief Executive of the National Enterprise Network, said: “PNE Group has emerged from a pinnacle year of a bold strategic change, which included a restructure, rebrand and reassessment of its offer to the enterprise landscape. This 12-month journey has carried PNE to a position of strength within the enterprise arena and they were recognised with this award for that very reason.”

The report, while mostly highlighting the series of exciting developments and additions for the Group from the previous year, also sets the scene for the year ahead. In 2017, we are building upon the momentum that was ignited in 2016, and we will continue to push ourselves further to the cutting-edge of our industry, generating positive impact throughout the organisation and in our work with communities across the globe.

Tim Smith, Chairman of the PNE Group Board, commented, “In uncertain times, I am confident PNE Group has the team and skill to continue to be at the cutting edge of enterprise and innovation. 2016 has been a year of real momentum, which shows no sign of stopping.”

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