The Sustainable Economy: A North East Opportunity

Sustainable Economy A North East Opportunity

“The transition to a low-carbon economy is creating a real buzz in the North East.”

Mark Bidwell, Bidwell Management Systems


Did you know 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods?


PNE Group are pleased to announce the publication of our latest report, The Sustainable Economy: A North East OpportunityGrowing awareness of, and concern for, sustainability is creating opportunities for sustainable businesses across the North East. Government legislation, aimed at increasing sustainability, and changing consumption preferences are increasing the prospects for sustainable businesses across the UK. As a result, there are fast growing areas of opportunity for sustainably-focused businesses in the region.
A report by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission identifies opportunities in reducing food waste and packaging waste, and contributing to a clean energy future amongst the biggest global market opportunities related to delivering the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In line with this, and in the regional context of consumer preferences, sector growth and government ambitions, there are an increasing number of industries with opportunities for businesses in the North East which are contributing to and aligning with sustainable objectives. Our report, The Sustainable Economy: A North East Opportunity, highlights key areas of growth within the region’s sustainable economy, as well as a providing a host of information to support businesses seeking to develop into this area.


Insight include:

  • Consumer attitudes to sustainability
  • Opportunities for business in clean energy
  • Opportunities for business in materials waste
  • Opportunities for business in food waste
  • Examples of successful ventures within the sustainable economy
  • Resources and support for sustainable businesses and start-ups


Download The Sustainable Economy: A North East Opportunity

For more information on the grant scheme PNE Group offers sustainable entrepreneurs and start-ups visit the Sustainable Start-up Award website page, providing £1,000 funding for businesses making a positive social or environmental impact.



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