The Power of Social Enterprise

 Sustainable Business

“The common perception that SMEs are more commercially viable than social enterprises is challenged by a series of indicators, which show social enterprises outperforming SMEs.”

There are 471,000 social enterprises in the UK, employing 1.44 million people. These ventures are a power for good, both for our communities and our economy.

PNE Group are pleased to announce the publication of our latest report, The Power of Social Enterprise

What is the power of a social enterprise? Socially motivated businesses have provided unique and vital responses to the challenges we face as a society. Their innovation, moulded by the changing needs of each generation, have been the driving force for positive social and environmental good, often acting where governments could not or will not. In our latest report we highlight the economic and labour force argument for social enterprises.

Insight include:

  • A profile of social ventures in the UK
  • The commercial viability of the social enterprises, including reported greater rates of innovation
  • The impact of strength of social ventures in our most disadvantaged communities
  • The contribution of social ventures to inclusive employment across the UK

Download The Power of Social Enterprise Report


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