Melissa Middleton, Manager of PNE Enterprise, wins the NatWest National Unsung Hero Award

For her dedication to the enterprise agenda of the North East, PNE Enterprise Manager Melissa Middleton is named NatWest’s National Unsung Hero.


Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation

PNE Group partnered with Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation to pilot and roll out its volunteer management development programme to Europe. The Project’s aim was to overcome inequalities across workers and volunteers in third sector organisations across Europe by creating a starting point of one accredited qualification for people who manage volunteers. The pilot was delivered in five European countries, the UK, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey, training 71 participants in total. Analysis of the programme revealed it had a strong positive impact on the third sector management of the organisations it supported, and was expanded to incorporate all regions in which the Leonardo programme worked. It now forms part of the Erasmus Student Network services.


Manager of PNE Enterprise, Melissa Middleton, wins the If We Can You Can Challenge ‘Supporter of the Year’ Award

Melissa Middleton, Manager of PNE Enterprise, wins the client-nominated If We Can You Can Challenge ‘Supporter of the Year’ Award for outstanding client support.


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