Why We are the Best Kept Secret in CSR

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Clients choose to work with us because the skills, knowledge and resources acquired over 35 years practicing enterprise support enables them to effectively realise CSR ambitions, however large.

It is the ambitions of our clients which motivate the incredible work we are able to contribute to and we are proud to support the businesses, organisations and individuals we work with as they influence real, positive social and economic change. Within our CSR partnerships, our ambition is to unlock the potential of each company’s unique goals and resources to enable them to achieve their objectives and have a lasting impact.

Having had the privilege of working with some of the world’s largest companies, PNE Group have provided their unique support to programmes that have succeeded in effecting significant change within communities and industries across the world. Our CSR work places focus on the client and what they want to achieve, listening first, managing risk and working confidentially.

Our expertise in enterprise means we are able to work with projects on a scale which suits the client. We have worked with companies who have reached 9.2 million young people across 26 countries, and another that focused on a handful of clergy. Whatever your needs and objectives, we can design a programme to suit you.

Working with PNE Group, the project always belongs to the client. Our role is to support your ambitions, empowering you to realise your vision. Which is why we are the best kept secret in CSR.