PNE Enterprise: WordWatching

The chance to work internationally is sought after by many small business owners, but for Guy Tindale, the opportunity arose quickly into his self-employment journey. An experienced proofreader, Guy Tindale launched his business, WordWatching Editorial Services, in June 2017, after receiving support from PNE Enterprise. Now working with publishers as far afield as the Netherlands and Germany, the business specialises in editing and proofreading contemporary art books, and has worked on publications by American modern artist Ellsworth Kelly and emerging Lancashire painter Louise Giovnelli.

Guy launched his business after working as a freelance proofreader, commenting, “I was doing editorial and research work for a variety of clients when I realised it was time to professionalise what I did, so that I could access industry recognized training and focus on particular areas of strength.

“I also wanted to market what I did more proactively, rather than relying on  occasional work to come my way, and to have a structure to measure my performance against”.

To support his business, Guy sought business advice from PNE Enterprise business advisor Melissa Middleton and attended the 2 Day Intensive Business Course, which is designed for those who are thinking of starting their own business.

He comments, “The 2 Day Intensive Business Course provided a great deal of knowledge and motivation. It broke the tasks ahead down into manageable steps and helped me understand them in terms of my business.”


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