DfID: Business Linkages Challenge

DfID: Business Linkages Challenge

PNE Group supported Deloitte Emerging Markets Group for several years on the Department for International Development’s (DfID) Business Linkages Challenge programme.


“The whole process is transferred (including personnel) to a local, existing private enterprise, with local management. In making this transfer to local management, DTW provides assistance to the development of sustainable small-scale industry in developing countries, not just in Cambodia but globally.”

Business Linkages Challenge beneficiary from DTW explains the system it developed with the support of PNE Group:


About the Business Linkages Challenge

The ‘pro-poor’ Business Linkages Challenges programme aimed to improve businesses competitiveness and ability to access markets, enabling the benefits of globalisation to be secured for and by the economically disadvantaged. Managed by Deloitte and Touche EMG, the fund supported the formation of business linkages by enterprises in emerging countries with each other or with international partners.


The result

Supporting over thirty schemes in twelve countries, we visited remote sites to access how the programme funding had been utilised. We identified 53,000 new jobs directly created by the Fund and a further 300,000 indirect jobs or income opportunities were estimated to have been generated.

One of the beneficiaries of the programme, DTW, a Cambodian de-mining charity, now employs 23 local workers, including ten who have disabilities and previously struggled to find work. Championing the concept of self-sustainability, the DTW team now follow a strict development cycle.


What we did

As a semi-detached partner to Deloitte, we:

  • Produced a comprehensive qualitative assessment: We created a comprehensive qualitative assessment of the impact made by DfID projects, illustrating how the programmes activities made a positive influence within the local context – a sensitive but important responsibility for sustainability programmes with international reach.
  • Provided consultancy: We provided consultancy on how effective development could be achieved, including second tier funding for some of the businesses involved in the programme.
  • Provided tailored support to beneficiaries: We worked closely with multiple beneficiaries of the programme, including Cambodian de-mining charity DTW, who received constructive consultancy to assist their development into a self-supporting organisation. Meeting their local clients and finance providers, we supported the development of a robust business plan that would enable the charity to create a sustainable business.


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