NEEAL: Boost Your Business

NEEAL: Boost Your Business

PNE Group were assessors and referral partners for Boost Your Business, a £1m business skills training programme upskilling the North East workforce.


“The course enabled me to build the path needed to take my business forward. Putting that time aside to focus solely on how I will progress my ideas let me sort out all the vague ideas I had floating around and form them into a concrete plan, with some invaluable input from the experts! The longer-term impact of the course will be my business progressing at an accelerated rate, compared to if I hadn’t attended.”

Katherine Hurst, Founder of Katherine Hurst IllustrationBoost Your Business workshop attendee


About Boost Your Business

Led by North-East Enterprise Agency (NEEAL), Boost Your Business is one provision within a package of training support for local organisations, part of the regional skills and enterprise programme Go>Grow, and funded through a £6.4m contribution to Gateshead College via the European Social Fund (ESF). The three-day residential course allows those in employment or self-employment to gain recognised qualifications, learn entrepreneurial skills and connect with local business people.


The result

Over two years, the programme made a substantial impact on businesses across the North East of England, providing 59 courses to 1,421 learners; who gained a total of 4,062 qualifications.


What we did

As assessors and referral partners for Boost Your Business, PNE Group:

  • Recruit high-quality candidates onto the course via our networks and promotional activities
  • Complete assessment of all prospective course attendees, including briefing, core skills tests and enrolment
  • Co-ordinate and support attendance


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