Get Growing

Get Growing

Get Growing is a PNE Enterprise designed and delivered programme, that enables the entrepreneurial and business development of young owners with high-growth potential businesses in the North East of England.


“This (Get Growing) was invaluable and it started to change the pace of Surmount’s success almost immediately.”

Founder of Surmount Investigations and Get Growing beneficiary


About Get Growing

Get Growing is an invitation-only programme, for businesses that have been operating for less than 12 months and are demonstrate the potential to expand, specifically to grow to sustain additional employees. Designed for entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 35, the programme provides opportunities to develop the business, including through recruiting staff, entering new markets, increasing turnover and becoming a limited company.

Each business registered on the programme is provided with funded access to a personal business advisor, and workshops and masterclasses by leading business professionals. The programme offers networking opportunities, including the quarterly Get Growing Your Network event. The package of support, which is valued at £2,000 per business, is tailored to the needs of each individual business and may also include access to finance, 50% subsidised workspace rental and payment for entry to conferences, trade shows and market research trips.


The programme so far

A first edition of the programme was run between June 2016 and June 2018. Over this period the team worked with 27 entrepreneurs from 19 businesses, supporting them to pursue individual business and skills development objectives, which included as recruitment, bringing a new product to launch or hiring premises.

Examples of its impact for participants include:

  • A partnership business was supported to source its first premises and move into a niche sector of the fitness market which had previously only been accessible in the London region.
  • One participating business pursing development plans, which included the introduction of a co-director, saw a turnover increase from £350 a month in Summer 2016, to £14,000 in Spring 2017. The business then capitalised on the improved income, expanding into new markets to increase its customer base.
  • One beneficiary was helped to increase turnover from £10,000 to £17,000 in less than six months. To absorb the additional work, the business was supported to recruit 5 volunteers, with plans to offer paid employment in the short future.


“PNE helped me take the leap to actually setting up the business. They gave me the support to take it from an idea to a business. They give me great connections and networking and it is really useful to have on their ongoing support if I need it.”

Lewis Bruford, Founder of Monumental Communications and Get Growing beneficiary


What we do

Our delivery of the Get Growing programme includes:

  • Benchmarking the regional early-stage growth support offer to identify the market need
  • The design of the programme to meet provision gaps identified in the benchmarking study and to optimise impact
  • The recruitment and needs assessment of participants
  • Business support and mentoring services
  • Run the quarterly Get Growing Your Network event
  • The administration of the small business grants offered through the programme
  • Applicant monitoring
  • Programme evaluation


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