HSE: Worker Safety Advisor Challenge Fund

HSE: Worker Safety Advisor Challenge Fund

Between 2004 and 2007, PNE Group supported the regulatory government body HSE (Health and Safety Executive) with its investment initiative, the Worker Safety Advisor Challenge Fund.


About the Worker Safety Advisor Challenge Fund

Focusing on small and micro-sized organisations, HSE’s intention was to inspire organisations to collaborate on projects that encourage and promote employees and their employers to work together to drive improvements in managing health and safety. Partnerships of employers, workers representatives and other stakeholders could bid for up to £100K per year to make improvements to workplaces in the UK.


The result

The project enabled HSE to reach small and micro-sized organisations and hard-to-reach groups of workers to engender positive attitudes towards worker involvement and provide an improved understanding (or actions leading to improvements of) health and safety.

Over the Fund’s three-year lifespan, 36 applications were funded from 25 partnership projects. As a result, approximately 2,150 small and medium-sized enterprises and 60,000 individuals benefited from the programme.


What we did

As grant administrators for the Worker Safety Advisor Challenge Fund, we:

  • Provided support: We supported the HSE Management Board throughout the Fund, providing guidance and assistance on the application assessment process.
  • Administrated payments and grant agreements: We were responsible for the administration of all payments and grant agreements.
  • Monitored successful applicants: Following the release of the Fund to successful applicants, we continued to monitor funded organisations to ensure they met HSE’s standards.


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