Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation

Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation

In 2013, PNE Group were funded by Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation (TOI) to pilot and roll out its volunteer management development programme to Europe.


About the programme

A European Commission funding programme, the aim of the Leonardo da Vinci TOI project was to overcome inequalities across workers and volunteers in third sector organisations across Europe by creating an initial objective of supporting those who manage volunteers to gain an accredited qualification.

With support from the Transfer of Innovation Fund, partnering with five European partners (Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Spain and Italy) and were funded by the Leonardo TOI fund to deliver an online volunteer management course..


The result

At the end of the programme in 2013, 52 volunteer managers had benefited from the programme, with 972 volunteers being managed by the newly trained volunteer managers. The managers came from a broad range of voluntary organisations including, but not limited to, youth organisations, arts and culture groups, animal charities, sports organisations and other volunteer groups.


What we did

Working within four European countries, we:

  • Developed pan-European interactive course materials
  • Piloted e-learning in four countries
  • Disseminated information and materials
  • Evaluated long-term sustainability of the programme


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