Northern Rock Foundation

Northern Rock Foundation


PNE Group’s long-standing relationship with Northern Rock Foundation included developing a North East wide network of skills providers, the creation of extensive online training systems, start-up loan administration and managing Northern Rock Foundation legacy IP when it closed.


“Strong leadership and good governance are vital in creating successful and sustainable voluntary-sector organisations. Many organisations don’t often find the opportunity to consider best practice, which is why Project North East’s offer is an ideal opportunity for leaders and governors to work together better, and make a real difference to their organisations and their service users.” 

Fiona Ellis, director of Northern Rock Foundation


Our work with Northern Rock Foundation

  • Using a £2m award from the Northern Rock Foundation to develop a North East network of skills providers and manage and monitor their delivery performance, including creating a cutting-edge website for third-sector employees
  • Delivering a major project building capacity within voluntary and community organisations across the North East, delivering training and development support programmes around management and governance best practice. Over 800 organisations received support developing capacity and more than 2,000 individuals undertook personal professional development qualifications
  • Creating a legacy of online management training modules for organisations supported by the Foundation’s grant programmes after inheriting the library of training assets on Northern Rock Foundation’s closure
  • Organising a “Better Skills, Better Sector” conference, celebrating the success of third-sector activities and providing best practice learning from leading sector figures


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