Shell International: Shell LiveWIRE UK

Shell International: Shell LiveWIRE UK

Between 1986 and 2019 (when the programme ceased) PNE Group supported the delivery of the Shell LiveWIRE UK programme, Shell International’s flagship social investment Enterprise Development programme.


“Project North East (PNE Group) has worked with Shell International Limited to deliver the Shell LiveWIRE programme for young entrepreneurs in the UK for over 20 years, covering a wide array of project management and stakeholder engagement activities. The long-standing relationship with PNE is a testimony to the professionalism, commitment and effectiveness of the team. PNE understands and shares our vision for youth enterprise development and has proactively supported the Shell LiveWIRE programme in driving positive impact in the community. With its impressive knowledge of the UK entrepreneurial landscape, the PNE team has been able to provide both strategic counsel, as well as support in daily management activities and events planning.”

Alina Khasabova, Social Investment Adviser at Shell International


About Shell LiveWIRE UK

The Shell LiveWIRE programme supported innovative young entrepreneurs in the UK with bright ideas that meet the energy and resource needs of a fast-growing population, including via its nationally recognised Smarter Future programme. Shell’s flagship social investment Enterprise Development programme, the Shell LiveWIRE programme represented an important part of Shell’s commitment to supporting a flourishing culture of UK enterprise and inspiring young people to innovate and provide real solutions to today’s energy and resource challenges.

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The programme so far

Shell LiveWIRE provided over £5 million of funding and supported over 880,000 young people in the UK to explore starting their own business.


What we do

As delivery partners for the Shell LiveWIRE UK programme, we:

  • Supported the delivery of the Smarter Future Programme: The Smarter Future Programme awards £5,000 each month to one 16-30 year old entrepreneur with an idea that addresses sustainable living challenges through smart innovation. We review applications and provide support to applicants
  • Supported the delivery of The Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award: The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards grant £25,000 every year to a young entrepreneur who is engineering a smarter future for the UK. We assist in the event planning and offer support to Shell LiveWIRE finalists
  • Built an engaging community of young entrepreneurs: Shell LiveWIRE UK is the largest online entrepreneurial community in the UK, with approximately 230,000 users
  • Community managed the Shell LiveWIRE UK and Shell Society social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook, reaching audiences of over 15K
  • Managed the Shell LiveWIRE UK website, which provides an application portal for the Smarter Future Awards, alumni case studies, programme news and the Shell LiveWIRE UK Business Library, which shares free tools, resources and guides on starting and running your own business
  • Supported with international scaling: We help UK programme alumni apply for and participate in Top Ten Innovators, the high-profile innovation competition for global Shell LiveWIRE alumni


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