Gateshead Council: Sustainable Enterprise Gateshead

Gateshead Council: Sustainable Enterprise Gateshead


In 2018, PNE Enterprise started working with Gateshead Council to deliver Sustainable Enterprise Gateshead, a business support programme targeted to established businesses within the Gateshead region.


About Sustainable Enterprise Gateshead

The ambition of Sustainable Enterprise Gateshead is to support established businesses within Gateshead by providing one-to-one business support, mentoring and coaching, targeted to the needs of each individual business engaged on the programme. The aim is to ensure the survivability and sustainability of Gateshead SMEs and to support them to grow.


What we do

The PNE team support the delivery of Gateshead Sustainable Enterprise with the following services:

  • Coaching and mentoring to established businesses based in the Gateshead area
  • One-to-one training for leaders of established Gateshead businesses in specific business-related skills, including business finance, marketing and business acumen
  • Supporting community-based organisations with access to a business advisor, such as the Chopwell Regeneration Group, to aide local business growth
  • Facilitating networking between established Gateshead businesses
  • Provision of information and signposting to services when changes affecting businesses in the region take place, such as local VAT changes or GDPR


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